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Jessie Wolf was born in 1967 then raised around the world. She now lives in a small seaside town in South Carolina with her husband of 19 years and two very inquisitive cats.

In her day to day life Jessie battles the gremlins and demons that live in cyber space as a Network Manager and IT guru for the resorts and hotels of her home town. Like most Network Managers, Jessie is more at home behind her computer screens.

Besides being an IT Tech Jessie Wolf is also a flourishing writer and has a large following on the free story websites. Jessie Wolf's writing carrier started as a challenging assignment for her creative writing class in college.

It was in this class that she found first she had a real talent for storytelling and the ability to put her stories down on paper. In her spare time she is an avid reader of all forms of the written word, to include science fiction, fiction, fantasy, crime novels, detective stories, and just about anything else she can get her hands on.

She is also a former member of her countries military and is a proud US Army veteran.

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