Merlin Parnassus

Merlin Parnassus

Merlin Parnassus - A Rings of Gaia story
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Merlin Parnassus

Merlin was born in the glades of Mount Parnassus. His natural mother died in childbirth. His adopted mother became a Sibyl, a wise woman skilled in herbs and medicine; these were gifts from Gaia, mother Earth. Sibyl was invited to work at the Oracle of Delphi. She became a Pythia, a priestess who made predictions as the Oracle of Delphi. Life for a Pythia was dangerously short due to the heady vapors beneath the Omphalos;

Merlin believed these vapors triggered the predictions. In her dying breath, Sibyl prayed to Gaia, “Let my child receive your gifts and become your servant.”

When Merlin returned to the Glades to cremate his mother’s body, he dedicated his life to Gaia, and she accepted, promising him “a long life learning Real Magic”.

Five steel rings, the size of headbands, were donated to the Oracle; they were used in the crowning wreaths of the champions of the Pan-Hellenic Games. Gaia blessed each ring, with permanent magical essence, to aid the champion in their new role as a Judge or Teacher. The Games had been designed to find the best candidates for the top jobs in the community.

The priests fled, with the rings, when the Romans condemned all religions outside of Christianity. Four pairs of priests and priestesses left as bridal couples to unspecified destinations. Merlin fled to Britain with a small group of priests and priestesses. They landed at Camulodunum (Colchester), and moved on to Caerleon-upon-Usk, where they settled down to run a farm, an Apothecary, a Guild of Masons and document copying service.

Merlin received a message at Caerleon, delivered by a monk. The message was from a Lady Ygerne Del Acqs asking for medical help; he must be discrete. When he arrived, the Lady was in great distress. Her husband, the Lord Gorlois, was away fighting usurpers. While Lord Gorlois was away, Uther Pendragon had raped Igraine and left her pregnant. Igraine gave birth to Arthur in 559AD. Igraine rejected Arthur; she refused to breastfeed him. A wet nurse, Eve, was drawn to Arthur like a magnet. Igraine asked Merlin to protect Eve, Arthur and her reputation.

On Arthur’s sixteenth birthday, Merlin ran into the clutches of Morgana at Tintagel. She drugged him and carried his paralyzed body into the cave below the castle. Merlin was buried in the back wall of the cave and suspended in time and space by the most powerful of Morgana’s spells.

Merlin escaped Morgana’s trap; (If you want to know how then buy the book) and fled across the notorious Bodmin moor.

Merlin became friendly with Captain Marsh, a Greek-Cypriot, who owned the ship Andromeda. Merlin paid for his passage with gold coin that was 500 years old but looked brand new. Captain Marsh was prepared to take the risk; it was the first of many risks that he would take on Merlin’s behalf. The Captain helped Merlin set up a new life as an Apothecary in Paphos, Cyprus.

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