Merlin Parnassus

Merlin Parnassus

Merlin Parnassus - A Rings of Gaia story
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Merlin Parnassus

Merlin believed these vapors triggered the predictions. In her dying breath, Sibyl prayed to Gaia, “Let my child receive your gifts and become your servant.”

When Merlin returned to the Glades to cremate his mother’s body, he dedicated his life to Gaia, and she accepted, promising him “a long life learning Real Magic”.

Five steel rings, the size of headbands, were donated to the Oracle; they were used in the crowning wreaths of the champions of the Pan-Hellenic Games. Gaia blessed each ring, with permanent magical essence, to aid the champion in their new role as a Judge or Teacher. The Games had been designed to find the best candidates for the top jobs in the community.

Merlin Parnassus was a Real Magician, a Navigator and a herbalist. He was the wizard at King Arthur’s Court. According to Legend, Merlin’s existence ended when he was trapped by Morgana Le Fey in the Crystal Cave; it didn’t end there. This biography shows Merlin has lived for two millennia and is still alive today. This is a work of fiction around real places and notable historical people.


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