Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes
Jessie Wolf
Jessie Wolf Publishing
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Breathing deeply I calm, then center myself. I will only show that calm of inner peace. I know that I look like a gull, covered in the blood and other bodily fluids of the traitor, but I must not show my distress at what Charley has just revealed to me. Once I am alone with Mother Dai Etsu then, and only then, will I discuss this with her alone. “Ladies and gentlemen please forgive me, but that was not something I would normally do or condone. However at this time we are forced to use extra ordinary measures for extra ordinary times such as these.” Looking at what was left of the jackass that so enraged me by calling my beloved Matsu a whore, I saw that he was still alive. “Maj. Fujiyama can you make sure that this dog gets to the Temple Medical center please?”
Death Dealer Saga by Jessie Wolf

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