Birth of a New Legend

Birth of a New Legend
Jessie Wolf
Jessie Wolf Publishing
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For James J. Owens a return trip to the planet of Hades in the Death Gates System was to be his final farewell. At ninety seven, his doctors had told him his chances of surviving the trip were small. This did not deter him in the slightest. It would be his last great adventure and a chance to say goodbye to fallen comrades. What he did not know at the time he left the planet that had
been his home for the last thirty years what lay ahead of him.

Nor did the old Death Dealer know that deep within him lying dormant was an old friend just waiting a signal to reawaken. A wakening that would begin not only a second chance in life, but what would become his greatest, and most rewarding adventure. He will face off against assassins, rogue military units, hostile planetary governments, and an all-out revolt against the Empire he swore to protect. All of these things are nothing compared to his greatest challenge.
Death Dealer Saga by Jessie Wolf

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