Justice or Vengeance: The Marshals Book 3

Justice or Vengeance: The Marshals Book 3
Jessie Wolf
Jessie Wolf Publishing
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Looking forward to spending time with their adopted daughters at their Caribbean Island base Samantha Justice, Annette DeMarco, and Bobby Everbright have earned their right to a relaxing vacation. They are joined by their newest member to their Hunter Taugh. Only to receive a shocking notification. A longtime friend and mentor has been gunned down. Not in the line of duty but in a cold harsh assassination attempt. SCID David Earp has been targeted by persons unknown. He is not the only one. US Marshal Dorothy Rose also has a target painted on her head. There is an old joke among Law Enforcement Officers. It says that you know how good of a job you’re doing by the price on your head.

As the Deputies rush to find the people behind the attack on David and the price on Dorothy’s head they find more than one worm. In fact they find a whole pit full of vipers. Maria DeMarco may have taken up the mantle of running the Marshal side of the OCIA but at her core she is still a Mafia Donna. As the leader for the Black Badge Deputies Maria finds the amount of corruption among Law Enforcement more than a little upsetting.

Yes she has always known about the corruption, even taken advantage of it at times. But never to exploit teens or to kill an officer of the law. The fact that she had seen David Earp as both a friend and admirable foe would spurt the old woman on to find his killer and their employer. In the end only God and the Fates would know if it was Justice or Vengeance that comes to dinner.
The Marshals by Jessie Wolf

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