The Rings of GAIA Vol. 3

The Rings of GAIA Vol. 3
Peter Rendell
Peter Rendell Publishing
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Samantha and Teddy were watching TV in the coffee lounge when Merlin came in. Merlin offered them tickets to his show at the Star nightclub, later that evening. Samantha declined, saying she was too tired. Teddy accepted the tickets saying Samantha would be fine after a short nap.

They arrived at the Star at 10.30. At 11, Merlin stepped into the spotlight. He introduced a beautiful Latina lady as his assistant; her name was Angel. With great flamboyance, Merlin changed a dove into a baby within Angel’s womb. Merlin advanced the pregnancy to six months.

At the end of the evening, Angel’s pregnancy was reversed, and the dove released. The whole performance had bugged Samantha’s next working day. After an early evening meal, Samantha went to the lounge and was surprised to find Angel waiting for her. Samantha asked Angel how the trick was done. “It was real-magic; I was really pregnant!” Angel exclaimed as she presented Samantha with a ticket. “I can’t go tonight. Please volunteer.”
Rings of Gaia by Peter Rendell

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